Sunday, March 5, 2017

My Spring Essentials

Heey everyone ! It's finally SPRIING I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am !

Spring is my favourite season ever because I don't really like grey skies, the cold and not being able to be outside often. So for this post I decided to tell you about the things I can't go through spring without.


I love myself a nice shirt and I can't wear them when it's too cold outside so now is the time to get all my beautiful shirts out and enjoy them!


Spring is the time to throw a cheesy little colorful scarf  !


A Haircut

I like to cut my hair every spring to feel fresh and light!

My dog and her harnesses

This is so random but walking my dog is so much fun during this time of the year because she doesn't get too hot neither wet and I just want to take her everywhere with me!

I hope you enjoyed this little post and make sure to let me know your spring essentials I'd love to know !


Serena Reidy said...

Love Spring too! Your dog is so cute :)

kayleigh Zara said...

I'm not a massive fan of spring as I love the colder months but I can definetely appreciate scarfs and new haircut x

sysy's blogging said...

Thank you ♡

Graciesworld said...

I'm really excited about spring!

Love the shirts - I'm a go-to shirt/flowy top wearer at this time of year :)

sysy's blogging said...

Yees same :D

sysy's blogging said...

To each his preferences but I'm glad we meet up at some points :)

Taja Fox said...

Yes, Spring!! Oh, how I love the. Springtime is my favorite season and seeing those scarves make me super excited. Lovely essentials.

sysy's blogging said...

Aw thank youu I hope you're having a lovely time ♡♡

Emilie Del said...

Love your selection !