Sunday, March 12, 2017

40 Thoughts While Revising

     Hello hello! So I have tones of exams coming up next week and I'm spending a lot of time revising. This is what goes through my head meanwhile:

1-Omg exams are so close !!
2-Okay we can do this
3-Let's start with the easiest subject
4-Does she seriously think I'm gonna know all that by heart?
5-Uumm what?
6-Maybe I will understand more by practicing
7-*exercice n°1* wait I didn't see this before..
8-Music will definitely put me in the mood
9-*after rapping through every twenty one pilots song that ever existed * maybe this wasn't the best idea..
10-Is that my phone ringing?
11-*after my classmate asked me about things I didn't know existed* time to focus!
12-I'm so gonna fail this year
13-Where was I?
14-Yes chemistry !
15-When am I gonna use this in real life?
16-Remember I will need to get a job , move out of my parents house and have the life I've always dreamed of!!
17-How about prostitution?
18-*remembers aids* maybe not!
19-My handwriting really sucks
20-Oh those nails tho..
21-I don't remember the last time I painted them
22- I love painting my nails
23-*after painting my nails * aah that's better now all I need is to study!
24-Finish this and I will reward myself with a 30 minutes brake YEY!
25-This is so haard
26-Am I getting dumber each year?
27-*googles: Does brain capacity decreases with age* I'M DYING!!
28-I remember what the professor was wearing the day we studied this part
29- gosh I hate her!
30-Speaking of which, what am I gonna wear to my cousin's wedding?
31-*after trying on every single outfit in my closet * now we got that out of the way we can get back to revision.
32-Lets switch to another course
33-Do I smell fresh baked cake?
34-I'm so hungryy
35-*eats a lot*
36-I seriously need to go on a diet tho
37-*my dog walks in* I wonder what she thinks of me
38-Aren't you the cutest dog on earth!!
39-I wish I loved more things in life like I love my dog..
40-Is it time for that brake yet?

And so it goes, that's my typical evening planned for revision !
I hope you enjoyed this, add your thoughts to my list :)

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Emmanuelle CM said...

Ahah je me retrouve dans certaines de tes pensées ! C'est difficile de rester concentrée longtemps à réviser alors je m'octroie des pauses de temps en temps mais j'avoue que souvent mes pensées dérivent au lieu d'être pleinement concentrée sur mon cours ! Sur ce, il va falloir que je reprenne mes cours ;) Bon courage !

Single Vegas Girl said...

Usually it's something like "Why am I doing this? Why do I have to? Can't I do this later?" or something long those lines.

Single Vegas Girl