Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pushing Myself Out Of My Comfort Zone

  Hey everyone I hope you're having the best week so far !

     For today's post I chose to talk about a recent challenging experience that had an important impact on me (in a good way don't worry). As I previously said I am a very shy person therefore public speaking has always been my nightmare. I blush, get intimidated and freak out even in the most simple situations we go through on daily bases like saying my opinion in a large group of people or answering a question in class. So last week a debating competition was organized in my university, generally whenever I see these kind of activities, I don't even think about participating and I envied those students who are my age or younger and can easily express their thoughts in public and have debating skills. Days before the info session of the debate a friend of mine suggested that I participate along with himself and another student to represent IEEE since they were missing a third participant and he knows my English fluency. My instant reaction was finding excuses and running away  (no surprise here). But then I remembered one of the main resolutions I had for this year which is saying yes to more challenges so without over thinking I agreed. Of course that night I had a freak out and regretted it so bad because I had very restrained experience with debating and I was certain that all the participants are going to be a lot better than myself. Those thoughts began to fade away when I attended the info session where I got to know the basics about debating, an expert gave me very helpful tips and I met some students who were at the same position as me.
   The competition day was here and I stressed out more than ever but at the same time I am a competitive person so I wanted to win. What made me fearful the most was that we were only be knowing about the subject of the debate 15 minutes before the competition. My team and I decided that I was gonna be the first speakers. The subject turned out to be 'bureaucracy should be abolished' Now I had no idea what that meant (total freak out) but I decided to keep that to myself since we were going to do a search on the Internet for arguments and statistics that may help us anyway so I thought that'll be my chance to get to discover it. Luckily my team mates were super nice and we elaborated each speech as quickly as possible. I must say that when I found myself in this situation I surprised myself with the way I was calm and time was running out so fast that I didn't get the chance to realize that I was going to stand and talk before a jury and people I didn't know. The competition lasted about 15 minutes that went by sooo fast !! We didn't wait for too long and the results were out, WE WON ! I had no idea how I did but my friends say I was more than fine.
  I am so glad I went through this experience because I got to realize that sometimes it's okay to get yourself to do the things you fear because they may turn out to be easier than you think. Looking back, it's absurd that I stressed out and was anxious for about a week for those few minutes on stage !!
   I hope this wasn't too long and that somehow it made you think a bit about those chances you're missing out because of your fears.

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Emilie Del said...

Tu as raison, il faut savoir dépasser ses peurs !