Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My first ever blog post

 Hello everyone, hope you're doing well.
This is it, I'm finally starting my blog! Yep, I've been wanting to do this from the moment I knew blogs existed because for a quiet (but hella' writer) person like myself the idea of writing down my wonderings other than on my notebook and having people reading, relating and reacting to them was perfect. I love reading blogs and I wished I had my own but the thought of it made my insecure, shy, afraid of judgment teenage self cringe and scream a big NO at my ambitious, creative self. So it went on that way and I kept my passion for myself, constantly fangirling over beautiful patterns and taking notes for my dream blog that seemed to never come to life. Years have gone by and my young adult self took over my life (which tends to be boring most of the time to be honest) but it came with a little bit of confidence and most of all a massive craving for writing. It's about time to stop the handwritten stories and turn them into blog posts (I actually wrote this on my notebook before typing it, old habits are hard to break aren't they haha). Anyways, here I am now, I hope it will be an amazing experience just like I imagined it!
Oh I almost forgot to introduce myself. I'm a twenty-something Tunisian girl, I study chemical engineering and English is not actually my native language so if you stumble into a weird word it's in Arabic and I'll probably translate it don't worry!
So I guess that's about it for this post, teenage self: I hope I make you proud !
What about you? How was your first blogging experience? And if you're not a blogger what do you think of this? I'd love to know. 

Stay tuned coz I've planned some interesting, fun life advice and experiences. Don't forget to leave your impressions in the comment section and I'll talk to you soon :)


Anonymous said...

Yaaassss ♡♡

Unknown said...

This is great as a beginning , keep up <3
oh and yes , i'd love to know about your everthing :D

sysy's blogging said...

Thank you darling :*

Anonymous said...

Yaaas guuuurrrl. Go get 'eemm

sysy's blogging said...


Sinda Khanfir said...

It's incredible how I can relate to you right now !! Good thing you started doing the things you love , and you're doing them pretty well too :) keep it up ^^

sysy's blogging said...

Thank youu ♡ I hope one day you get to do the things you love yourself, keep me updated :D xx