Thursday, January 26, 2017

It's Okay To Have Multiple Hobbies Or No Hobbies At All

Hello everyone I hope you're doing well :)

  I decided to talk about this because whenever I get asked about my favourite past time my brain freezes and I don't know what to answer. Well I have had and still have a lot, as well as there were times when I didn't enjoy doing anything.

  Now let me talk you through my search for a hobby. It started since I was a child , I used to collect multiple things with my siblings : shells, gum stickers, small toys that we found in kinder surprise, key rings...etc I wasn't the one who chose what to collect I just went with the flow so I'm not sure if that counts, I dunno. Another thing that I can't tell if I enjoyed or not, my mum enrolled me in swimming classes, it was mainly to build me a nice body (but as I am seeing did not work out very well xD).

  Then, In my teenage years (and I know I chose this one) I collected WITCH magazines, I made sure to buy every month's edition even though that meant arguing with my parents who didn't think I needed that much and that I better be investing my time on homework instead. Also at that age I started creating my own bracelets and necklaces, I actually still enjoy doing this and I think I got pretty good at it. The next thing might surprise you but well I tried. My mother used to knit so we had the equipments at home and she was more than willing to teach me. I learnt the basics and was the happiest when I finished my first (and last) scarf which no one used, not even myself, because it wasn't as pretty as those mum did. Anyways I am still proud of it.

   After that I decided to take things to another level, I bought a guitar and decided that was what I wanted in life, that's it I finally found my passion (at least that's what I thought) I joined a club with a very cool teacher and everything, I attended classes for a whole year in which I made new friends and started getting good at playing the instrument, I think that was the longest time I engaged in something. Then school got serious and I couldn't keep up so I had to drop out but I continued, until now in fact, learning through YouTube tutorials and phone apps. Next on the list, which is my current fav, along side blogging, DIYs, (Do It Yourself) it is so much fun and it feels nice using decorations or things you created yourself.

 I used to envy those who did their hobbies very professionally and I wanted to be that girl who mastered acoustic guitar playing or swims in the Olympics but it took me all those experiences to realize that it doesn't matter if you spend your free time watching YouTube, designing wedding dresses, baking or whatever don't wait for anyone's approval, if YOU enjoy doing it then screw the stereotypes. You don't have to follow anyone's lead or be ashamed of anything because those little things are what makes you who you are.
   I hope you enjoyed this very random post and maybe found ideas for your next favourite past time ;)
Until next time, just enjoy your life! xx


Anonymous said...

My fav soo far !! *claps hands off*

Nejla Attia said...
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Anonymous said...

i was waiting for your next article, and it's worth waiting <3

Millies Moments said...

This is a great post! The first part is so similar to me (as you can tell from reading mine) I use to love knitting when I was little too... keep up the good work x

sysy's blogging said...

Thank you ♡