Sunday, January 29, 2017

How To Overcome An Anxious/Stressful Day


       Hello everyone I hope you're doing well :)
  I feel anxious/stressed out all the time, due to exams, having responsibilities, or just general life anxiety that comes by me from time to time which made me know exactly what I need to do to make myself feel better and if it works for me maybe it can help you too. Here are things to do to snap out of your anxiety:

Accept the fact that you're not feeling well

  Sometimes I don't want to believe that something is wrong with me and I would force myself to keep working which makes me feel worse because I soon realize that I wasted hours just sitting there being unproductive. The right thing to do is to stop what you're doing, take a deep breath, be aware of your situation and try to make it better.

Exercise or go for a walk

  We all know that exercising stimulates certain hormones like Endorphin that makes us feel better, Dopamine which makes us feel less tired and more productive and Adrenaline which makes us feel ready for new beginnings (trust me I googled this). Therefore if you have access to a gym don't think twice just put on your favourite workout outfit on and head there, seeing other people and being in that atmosphere will also help with your malaise. If you can't/don't want to go to the gym (like myself) you can exercise at home there are a lot of YouTube workout videos adapted for people at their homes that you can follow, also plus point for working out at home is that you can choose any type you're feeling like trying: yoga, gymnastic, cardio, aerobic...etc. Or if you're not feeling like sweating, just go for a walk with your dog or alone, fresh air is therapeutic, put your headphones on, listen to some good music and just enjoy the outdoors, you can grab yourself your favourite snacks (we're gonna need these later) and try not to think about what's making you stressed.

Take a hot bath/shower

  After a nice sweaty workout (or if you just skipped to this step) a nice hot bubbly bath is all you need. Light up some candles, pop a bath bomb (or anything to make your bath smells and looks good ), put on some calm music and just relax. The hot water will work wonders for your body, muscles, joints and overall mood. If you're not a fan of baths a shower will do just the same.

Make yourself something sweet to eat/drink

  You must be craving by now. Generally when we're anxious we tend to eat sugary food because our bodies need more energy to function that's why make yourself a hot chocolate, coffee or tea along with a home made bakery or a snack to fuel your system.

Speak to someone

  Call your best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, a relative. Being alone during these hard times can make getting over them difficult. Talking to someone will remind you that you're not alone and that there are people who care about you. You can choose to talk to them about what's bothering you if talking it out makes you feel better or just ramble around random things.
This can also mean spending time with your pet which is known as being therapeutic and can help reduce stress.

Do something you enjoy

  This can be taking care of your plants, painting your nails, reading a book, watching a movie ( for this I suggest inside out) or whatever past time that makes you happy and keeps you distracted from all the negative thoughts.

Have an early night

  If you had one of these days you would know that sleep becomes your best friend. Early nights means enough sleeping hours and a good start for tomorrow. Your body needs as mush rest as possible to be able to function on your full potential the next day. Try to avoid being on your phone or laptop 30 minutes before you decide to sleep it reduces insomnia and if you have a hard time falling asleep read a book it works like magic. 

Additional tips

  Try to avoid being on social media, seeing the news or people having fun while you're feeling bad will make you feel worse. Remember that everyone has their bad days and there is nothing wrong with that. If you have been feeling this way for a while try to talk to your parents about it or seek professional help. Stay positive, remember that good things will happen and your hard work will pay off. 

   I hope this was helpful and that you're feeling better by now 💗 
   Until next time, be well xx


Anonymous said...

I love this! keep up the great work

sysy's blogging said...

Thank you ♡

Natasha Hudson said...

You have two things I like to do when I feel like this go for a walk to clear my mind and have a hot bath preferably with a lush product in it

Tasha x

Emmanuelle CM said...

Cet article est intéressant. Etant malheureusement de nature assez stressée dans la vie quotidienne, je me sens tout à fait concernée.
Ton article me fait penser au mien concernant les coups de blues, je te mets le lien si tu souhaites jeter un oeil :
A bientôt sur nos blogs ;)

sysy's blogging said...

Heureuse que ça t'as plu 😊 ☺ je vais surement lire le tien ♡

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

useful ideas indeed!

Inside and Outside Blog
P.S. would you like to follow each other?

sysy's blogging said...

Yes sure I'd love to 😊

Emilie Del said...

Article super intéressant ! Merci pour tes conseils :)

sysy's blogging said...

Glad you liked it :D