Saturday, January 21, 2017

5 Tips To Be More Organized At School

For me, the key to good grades is organization. It makes studying and accomplishing goals easier and once you manage to clear things in your head and before your eyes half the work is done! So here are a few tips to master organization:

1-  Use Journals: 

 Now I can never get enough journals in my life not only because I can't resist how gorgeous some are but also because of how much they make me feel productive. You can make sections for anything you need: homework, deadlines, ideas, projects, extracurricular activities...etc I am currently using these two A LOT. The red one was a gift, you can get the green one from 'Maktabt El Kiteb' for 6.5Dt if you are in Tunisia .

 I made the big one for any ideas that pop up in my head concerning the blog, my future projects, my contacts, to do lists and almost everything I'm planning to do. The other one is a Bullet journal. If you are not familiar with the word, a bullet journal is a method of journaling and note-taking that combines to-do list, planner and diary. It comes very handy if you can't keep a diary and you want something easy but effective. You're free to style it however it suites your needs. You can also use it to track your habits, sleep, studying progress...etc. One of the best things about it is looking back at things you did at specific days and if you're feeling a bit off it's a remainder that there were days where you were super productive and you can then get back on track!

2-Use folders:

Print your courses and place them in folders to keep them apart and easily 
 I chose different colors to differentiate between them (and because they look pretty ^^). since I study a lot of subjects a day, I organized them in a way that I can take only one of them each day to avoid heavy bags or carrying all of them around.
Also paper dividers  for fewer sheets . You can add post-its that indicates their content.

*Tip: Use a variety of colors , they add a beautiful touch and put you in the right mood especially if you have loads of stuff to do and you're feeling stressed, it's very satisfying.

3-Get rid of useless documents:

    Loads of paper can gather on your desk which will make it cluttered and it becomes hard for you to find your way through them. Just get rid of that old paper that has been on your desk for ages and accept that you're not gonna need it! Keep it clean, tidy and make yourself room to focus on one subject at a time. Also you would want to make your working space specific just for your school stuff or else it will turn into complete mess, try using different parts of your room for different things you do.

    4- Calendars:

    They are the perfect way to mark your deadlines, appointments, events...etc I prefer them over the digital ones on my phone or pc because I can see everything clearly, it's better if you hang it above your desk that way it catches your eyes every time and you'll never miss your meetings again. You can buy one from the libraries there are plenty of choices for everyone or you can have fun making your own just like I did using post-its or even on a paper then you can hang it.

    5- Phone Apps:

    There are plenty of free apps available in the stores where you can fill your schedule and homework, you can set remainders for your deadlines. Also there are ones that can help you with certain courses like scientific calculators, conversion and translation apps so if you need an excuse for not getting your hands off your phone now you can say you're studying (but seriously you need to study :p )

    I hope these tips were helpful and let me know if you have something to add to the list.

    Talk to you soon :)


    unknown said...

    this will make a difference in my life :D thank you <3

    sysy's blogging said...

    Glad to help ♡

    kayleigh Zara said...

    These are some really great tips and I use most of these why I'm at university x

    sysy's blogging said...

    Thank you ❤ I'm at university too !

    Anonymous said...

    ahhh i'm obsessed with how organized you are :D