Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Highlights Of My University Year

Hello everyone 😊
It’s the end of the school year YEYII !! Before jumping into planning for summer and holidays I thought I’d share how my year has been since I feel like it was the most productive year I’ve ever had and worth memorizing somewhere on the internet.

As you may, or may not know, I am in my third year studying chemical engineering. Being very shy and extremely lazy, my two first years at uni in a nutshell were studying and hanging out with my friends, no extra activities no internships NOTHING. So by the end of last year I started realising the amount of opportunities I was missing out and how important social and practical activities are for my future as an engineer. Therefore I decided to never miss another occasion and set a goal to push myself as much as I could to be more active during this year.
Indeed I was and I am so happy about it ! Here are the highlights of my year:


One of the best things about my university is that students have the ability to form clubs in several fields within which they can organise events, conferences, and activities to help them learn more about their future careers and ‘adulthood’ in general so I had a hand full of choices when it came to joining clubs.
The first one I joined was Chemistry Club (no surprise 😂). My friends and I thought a lot about joining this club since we noticed that it wasn’t very active and we had tons of ideas about how to make it more interesting. So instead of just joining as members we decided that we were gonna be even more involved by joining the executive team, I chose to be the treasurer of the club. I will write more details about my experiences with Chemistry Club but I can say that joining it was the best choice I had ever made this year. I learnt how to manage my stress, how to lead a team, how to be responsible and how to speak with people of high positions which was one of my nightmares.

The other club I chose was IEEE. I honestly chose it because it is an international organisation and I thought I could benefit a lot from working within it. I did gain new friendships and developed my soft skills thanks to the variety of activities and I got the chance to visit an orphan's shelter which was an amazing experience.


This wasn't on my plans at all !! At the beginning of the year it was announced that a volleyball team was going to be formed and I didn’t pay attention to it because I never played volleyball except for those time in the beach with friends and I had no idea about its rules or anything but one of my friends, who used to play, encouraged me to join with her (hi foufou) and reassure me that it wasn’t hard at all. So I agreed and went with the flow. It was so much fun and I got the chance to discover the team spirit, the atmosphere of matches, qualifications, winning and losing which I have never experienced before. I also competed against other universities under the name of mine, I loved it ! But to be honest I stopped practicing by the middle of the year due to other stressful things that were going on in my life including exams and responsibilities. I still feel bad for stopping but I think it was because I wasn’t as passionate about the game as my other team members but I continued supporting them and we remained friends.

that's me at the top right


I participated in the organisation of A LOT of events but I’m only gonna go through the details of two of my favourites and that has affected me the most.

STAR program with IEEE:

This was the event I mentioned earlier when we visited an orphanage. The most heartwarming event I have ever attended !! The goal was to introduce the kids, who were aged between 5 and 13, to the career of an engineer. We started off by asking them about their dream jobs then we made several workshops where they got to see what a chemist, a biologist, a mathematician, a physicist did in their jobs using their basic knowledge and a lot of fun games. Then there was a quizz where the winner was given a big present but also everyone else went home with small gifts which they were so happy and excited about. Seeing those kids so hopeful, creative and full of energy and potential felt amazing and kind of reminded me of my own goals and dreams and refreshed my mind.

HSE day with ChemClub:

I was the manager of this event and gosh it was stressful but very rewarding. Health Safety and Environment day has the purpose of raising awareness about the importance of safety precautions in the working space, how to stay healthy while working and how to do that with respect to the environment. The event included workshops prepared by members of the club along with the presence of experts. I had the opportunity during this event to learn how to talk with sponsors, manage the money flow in and out of the club and keeping every team satisfied. We’ve spent months of hard work preparing HSE day and it was all worth it as the results were very satisfying, everyone enjoyed it and learned from it.

In addition to those two important events I participated in a debating competition (here) I talk about that experience. Also one of the funniest event was A Journey To Hogwarts where we had a Harry Potter themed event.

As I said I am very happy with how my year turned out and if I had to I will redo it just the same! Everyone should get involved in team work and clubs it’s so much fun and there is always something new to learn. And if you're concerned about your studies, all it takes is some good time management and planning and you'll be just fine (here are my tips to help you be more organized at school)

Let me know how your year has been and what do you think I should try next year? 

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Hiking In Takrouna

        Hello everyone 😊 today I'm taking you with me to one of the most beautiful landscapes I've visited so far, it's a small village called Takrouna located in the Sahel region of Tunisia. Brace yourselves for an almost photos only post where the captures will say all the words I will never be able to find to describe how beautiful the place was 😍

Our first destination was this hill from which we got to gaze at an amazing look on a lake and a small barbarian village. We stumbled through some very pretty and rare flours and the place smelled great.

After a long walk down the hill we found a restaurant with this beautiful view where we stopped to have lunch.

The trip was only getting even more interesting as our next stop was on the top of a mountain where an ancient Barbarian village was located.

              I was amazed with the way the village was built and of course THE VIEW!!

Then we stopped at the coziest coffeshop EVER !!

I really enjoyed this hiking experience and I will certainly go on others and of course take you all with me 😊
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Wedding In The Island Of Dreams

              Last weekend I had the blast to attended my cousin's wedding in my beloved home town Djerba which is an island in the south of Tunisia. I usually dislike weddings because I get bored and they seem all the same to me besides the fact that I have to kiss and hug every single member of my, very large, family. But this time was different because it has been a long while since I've visited Djerba and this cousin of mine is very precious to me since we were raised together as kids. 
From the moment I knew about the wedding I got very excited and I couldn't stop talking about it !! Koukou- the bride- decided that the wadding was going to be all traditional. I loved that because I was always curious to know about my home town's traditions, it made me connect with my roots and it has a strange good feeling.

So according to the traditions, people should not lay eyes on the bride a month before the wedding this is why she shouldn't go out much and even if she does she has to wear something to cover her face. Also during this period of time she is not allowed to see her groom. The reason behind this is to keep her skin healthy and unexposed to the sun and for the people to be amazed by her beauty during the wedding.

few days before the wedding, the bride goes to EL Hammem, it's a sort of spa, with her friends for a relaxing evening. Later on that day, the groom send 10 kids to the bride's house to bring her the wedding ring and a lot of presents then they each go home with a boiled colored egg which was very cute. I still don't know the reason behind the eggs part.
The next day, a little party is organized for all the ladies where they all dress up traditionally, which is very cool and pretty!! A group of women, El Ghanayet, animate this party with old Djerbian songs.

A day before the wedding day, everyone is invited for a big dinner and at that same day the bride applies the Henna and Harkous

For the wedding day (my personal favourite!!) the groom send a camel to the bride's house, it's called Jahfa, to take her from her house to his. All the attendees follow the Jahfa singing along with a troupe Tabela and dancing to the rhythms. The beginning of the ceremony was heart worming and very emotional, it was hard to see the bride's parents and sisters shedding tears, happy tears I guess, for seeing their loved one starting a new era of her life. When we arrived at the house, the groom runs to Jahfa with his best man and taps it 4 times with a sword then runs out of the house and comes back only when his mother goes and find him. Then, the bride's brother has to carry her to the house (she is not allowed to touch the floor because they say it's bad luck)

the wedding continues in the groom's house where Tabela keep singing and now the bride has to wear this gorgeous outfit full of gold.

The other special thing about this ceremony is that men and women are sat in different places and men, including the groom, get very drunk that night I think to enjoy his last day as a bachelor. The party ends very late that night, around 3am.

I really enjoyed this different kind of wedding and something to notice is that the bride didn't wear a white dress all along, which I loved. Although it was very tiring, it was so much fun and I am so glad I got to know all about my hometown's traditions.

what about your traditions?

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

40 Thoughts While Revising

     Hello hello! So I have tones of exams coming up next week and I'm spending a lot of time revising. This is what goes through my head meanwhile:

1-Omg exams are so close !!
2-Okay we can do this
3-Let's start with the easiest subject
4-Does she seriously think I'm gonna know all that by heart?
5-Uumm what?
6-Maybe I will understand more by practicing
7-*exercice n°1* wait I didn't see this before..
8-Music will definitely put me in the mood
9-*after rapping through every twenty one pilots song that ever existed * maybe this wasn't the best idea..
10-Is that my phone ringing?
11-*after my classmate asked me about things I didn't know existed* time to focus!
12-I'm so gonna fail this year
13-Where was I?
14-Yes chemistry !
15-When am I gonna use this in real life?
16-Remember I will need to get a job , move out of my parents house and have the life I've always dreamed of!!
17-How about prostitution?
18-*remembers aids* maybe not!
19-My handwriting really sucks
20-Oh those nails tho..
21-I don't remember the last time I painted them
22- I love painting my nails
23-*after painting my nails * aah that's better now all I need is to study!
24-Finish this and I will reward myself with a 30 minutes brake YEY!
25-This is so haard
26-Am I getting dumber each year?
27-*googles: Does brain capacity decreases with age* I'M DYING!!
28-I remember what the professor was wearing the day we studied this part
29- gosh I hate her!
30-Speaking of which, what am I gonna wear to my cousin's wedding?
31-*after trying on every single outfit in my closet * now we got that out of the way we can get back to revision.
32-Lets switch to another course
33-Do I smell fresh baked cake?
34-I'm so hungryy
35-*eats a lot*
36-I seriously need to go on a diet tho
37-*my dog walks in* I wonder what she thinks of me
38-Aren't you the cutest dog on earth!!
39-I wish I loved more things in life like I love my dog..
40-Is it time for that brake yet?

And so it goes, that's my typical evening planned for revision !
I hope you enjoyed this, add your thoughts to my list :)

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

My Spring Essentials

Heey everyone ! It's finally SPRIING I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am !

Spring is my favourite season ever because I don't really like grey skies, the cold and not being able to be outside often. So for this post I decided to tell you about the things I can't go through spring without.


I love myself a nice shirt and I can't wear them when it's too cold outside so now is the time to get all my beautiful shirts out and enjoy them!


Spring is the time to throw a cheesy little colorful scarf  !


A Haircut

I like to cut my hair every spring to feel fresh and light!

My dog and her harnesses

This is so random but walking my dog is so much fun during this time of the year because she doesn't get too hot neither wet and I just want to take her everywhere with me!

I hope you enjoyed this little post and make sure to let me know your spring essentials I'd love to know !